Claim Scenarios

 Accidents happen all the time. And it only takes one to put your personal wealth at risk. Consider these real life examples…

Auto Liability

  • A teenage driver traveling in excess of 100 mph was in an auto accident. A teenage passenger in the vehicle suffered extensive injuries that left them a quadriplegic. The case was tried with a jury verdict of $21 million.
  •  A driver fell asleep at the wheel. When the car rolled over, the passenger inside was left a paraplegic. A jury awarded the passenger $22 million.
  •  A woman struck by a car while crossing an intersection was awarded $29.5 million.

Premises Liability

  • A dog escaped from a locked room at a party. During the excitement, the dog bit a guest who required medical attention and was left with a permanent scar. The guest sued the insured, alleging physical injuries and emotional distress.
  •  A houseguest dove into a pool, sustained injuries and became paralyzed from the waist down. The guest claimed that the pool area was not properly lit and sued for $30 million.

Domestic Staff

  •  The playmate of an insured’s daughter accidentally struck a domestic employee who was babysitting the children. After terminating a housekeeper, an insured hired a highly qualified — though younger — replacement. The insured was sued by the former housekeeper for alleged age discrimination.
  •  An individual terminated his gardener due to habitual tardiness. The gardener filed a wrongful termination lawsuit stating he was never advised of specific work hours.

Wrongful Eviction

  • An insured ended a relationship with a domestic partner and asked the partner to move out of the home. The partner sued with an allegation of wrongful eviction.